Hi my name is Jess! I’m 22 years old and originally from Berkshire, but now a South Yorkshire based blogger. I have just brought my second home . I am also in the process of doing an Open University degree in Childhood and Youth Studies, with hope to go onto do my Teacher Training for Special Educational Needs. I am half way through, yay go me! 

I write about my current beauty and skincare favourites as well as the odd lifestyle post!  I’m excited to be able to share my passions and life with you all. It first started growing up watching youtube (I know right) and watching some of my favourite makeup artists do their thing, and to this stay still watch them with the odd dog meme video.. who doesn’t.  Although I do not have the confidence to have my own youtube channel, blogging has opened a huge side to me I didn’t think I had. It gives me opportunity to speak to people who enjoy my writing and enjoy my passion as much as I do, and I love you all for that!! Although I am still a beginner and I am still getting used to this whole thing, I hope you take the time to read. Would  mean the world and more!


Lots of love, 


Jess xoxo



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