follow site I’ve bought a house! I’ve never lived anywhere else other than with my parents, up until now at the age of 20. In March Rowan and I managed to get accepted for a mortgage – a daunting yet exciting process. The process was surprisingly quick and we had the house just over 4 weeks from when we first applied for a mortgage! I mean, we hadn’t even had any furniture sorted! At the beginning of April we picked up our keys. The feeling and emotions that rush over you when you open your front door for the first time, its amazing, knowing that this house, is your new home. 

go site The house isn’t around the corner from my current home, nor was it a short drive away, in fact it was a 3 hour journey up north. Some of you may be thinking we’re crazy and you’re right, we definitely are, but it comes with its perks. One being that its mega cheap to buy a property, your talking £130,000 for a 3 bedroom house up north and being in the south would be a ridiculous £200,000 for a 1 bedroom flat. We also have friends who live up north, who Rowan has known for many years which was nice for both him and myself – to know that we have friends in our new town, despite moving nearly 200 miles away. 

Don’t get me wrong it was great that we were able to have the house in April but… the problem was, I was still working in my home town until the end of July and so was my Rowan which meant we couldn’t officially move into our new home for another 4 months – which sucked entirely! We decided to travel up most weekends (turned out to be every weekend so far!) to the house so we could get familiar with the area and what was around so come July, we would know it perfectly. It is also an opportunity for furniture to get delivered as we wanted everything sorted so we could move straight in with no hassle. 

Because the house we bought is a new build, it meant we could pick our own flooring which was pretty exciting! We went boring – GREY! Grey everything, how ever dull it sounds it actually turnt out looking really good! We decided Lino down stairs and in the bathrooms and carpet everywhere else throughout. Lino was definitely a good choice with Dave (our gorgeous French bulldog – will post a photo of him below!) and his muddy paws coming in from his walks.

We have a protected forest just to the side of our house which is such a beautiful place to walk, especially with Dave. We have moved to such a beautiful area.

But anyway, we took a trip to Ikea to buy all the essentials for the kitchen, because lets face it – we had nothing to eat from and it was more important than a sofa at this stage! We bought things like plates, cutlery, baking trays.. all sorts which would keep us going for a good length of time! We started to get little decor items like a vase with flowers, lamp shades and cushions, we had to use a blow up bed as our part-time sofa! After a month or so if traveling, we eventually started ordering the bigger items of furniture, like our sofa, fridge and bed which we all got reasonably quick. It started to feel like a home. The house is ready for us to move in, we have 99% of our furniture in the house, with a wardrobe and a desk on its way!

The long hours of driving twice a weekend, and the time and effort of building furniture has definitely been worth it. Not to mention, that Dave has settled in extremely well… 

How does it all feel?

There are so many questions I still ask myself, and there are still thoughts of whether it’s the right choice to take. Moving house isn’t the issue, living with Rowan isn’t either, it’s moving somewhere you don’t know any faces, or names, where you have to try and make new friends to call your own.. it’s definitely not easy. But already Rowan and I have met all of our new neighbours, they are amazing, such lovely people and are willing to do so much for us already! That helps too. We’ve made such a good friendship already with a couple living 20 minutes away. We’ve seen them nearly every weekend and Rowan and I have made such amazing memories with them already, friends for life! (You know who you are when you read this!) x I’m looking forward to being able to live with Rowan properly, and spend missed time with him! Because of him being in the military, we were only able to see each other on weekends, perhaps sometimes not seeing each other up to 3 months. So this is something I’m definitely looking forward to, starting a life together.. properly.

I’m leaving all I know behind to start a life with Rowan, starting new jobs and meeting new friends. I’m leaving behind my wonderful parents, my little sister, my Nanny and my school friends who I will miss dearly. They’ve been amazing to both me and Rowan and I wouldn’t have been able to do It without them. It’s tough to leave behind the people who mean the most to me, my parents who have raised me and looked after me for nearly 21 years and now I’m stepping into the big unknown – it’s definitely an emotional roller coaster!

We have made some amazing friends so far, and we certainly couldn’t have done it without our families. We love you guy so so much! Thank you for always being there for us. 

Lots of love, Jess xx 



  1. Rowan
    9th May 2017 / 4:53 pm

    Love it, super proud, always here ?

    • jessheardblog
      9th May 2017 / 9:22 pm

      Thanks bubs ?

  2. 10th May 2017 / 7:07 pm

    Aw congratulations on the house! That’s amazing news. Good luck with getting everything sorted and fully moving in!

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

    • jessheardblog
      11th May 2017 / 8:37 am

      Hey! Thank you so much, it’s been a long and daunting process but we are finally getting there! Xx

  3. Alicia
    13th May 2017 / 4:34 pm

    Congratulations on the house and good luck when you do move!! Xx

    • jessheardblog
      13th May 2017 / 4:45 pm

      Thank you! I move in 2 weeks! Wasn’t meant to be until summer but I got offered a job to start after half term!xx

  4. Roz
    13th May 2017 / 4:41 pm

    Loved reading this.. So happy for both of you! Congratulations ??? xx

    • jessheardblog
      13th May 2017 / 4:45 pm

      Thank you xx

  5. Carole
    13th May 2017 / 4:46 pm

    You both deserve every happiness. Xx

  6. mel
    13th May 2017 / 4:51 pm

    Well done Jess dont forget we are only an hour away if you get bored, We will be sending you something towards the house, but thought we would wait till your both settled together permanently love Mel, Ken and Simone xx

  7. Debra clarke
    13th May 2017 / 5:17 pm

    This is amazing Jess! So proud of you. Thank you for mentioning us as well. We’re both so fond of the two of you and can’t wait to have you here full time. We’re both here every step of the way for you and Rowan!

    • jessheardblog
      13th May 2017 / 5:23 pm

      Love you guys to bits ❤️❤️

  8. Sarah
    13th May 2017 / 5:26 pm

    Congratulations on your new adventure Jess (and Rowan).
    As parents we aim to give our children “roots and wings”…..the roots your wonderful Mum & Dad have given you are strong, so enjoy spreading your wings. xx

  9. Sheila & Dave
    13th May 2017 / 6:21 pm

    You are both so couragious to take a leap into the unknown. We are certain that you will succeed in your new life together and careers in your new place.
    You know you are always welcome at ours for a seaside break.
    We love your blog.

  10. Mum
    14th May 2017 / 2:43 pm

    Don’t forget about your baby sister too who drives you mad but adores and loves you unconditionally &is finding it hard to know her big sister is moving away x

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